Nihat Kemankaşlı In verat comments in his paintings of acrylic and oil paintings, he has created a combination of childishness and fascinating humor in a bold and lively atmosphere. His paintings symbolize a kind of impressionism with a kind of light; in the presence of a palette full of vibrant nuances, the effect and movement are captured by an unconventional effect. He manipulates the geometry and mathematical forms of Kemankaş to create surreal, but very close-in intruments for a moment. Creation of a reality, living characters, curved areas and toilet hapsed and unity and a world full of power and colors is evoking. Kemankaşı mobility, movement is living and art lovers to eye. Multicolor palettes are a surreal whole with Nihat Kemankaşlı’s work and that is reality. The subjects like Kemankaşlılar’s paintings and thoughts, personal relations and love are on the agenda and discussing. By the nature of the energy of the Kemankish people and the nature of the exploration of their work and activities, art found a place in society.
In Kemankaşı art, while translating his artistical movements into something that can be touched, it reflects a fluency to translate one at a time. Art lovers who see this, they can not control their desire to touch and feel.
Being manipulated with an intuitive and free spirit in his work, making fun shapes and stripes creates a dreamy and naive world. The objects used reflect classicism and show us an atmosphere of warmth and eccentricity.