He started his university education in Faculty of Fine Arts at Hacettepe University in 1994. He made his first mural job was the Hotel of Posiedon’s pool wall on Marmaris in 1995. In 1996, he made the first exhibiton of the group TEM 459 in Ankara at Gallery of Dam. He made a implement of bus project (Municipality of Gölbaşı) and mural arts (University of Hacettepe, French Language and Literature). Turkish Republic’s 75th exhibition of the year were invited. He was the one of the youngest artist in that exhibition. He participated in many important group exhibitions in 1999 and he graduated the same year from the Prof. Veysel Gunay workshop.

He got a Master of Cinema-TV at the University of Beykent in 2009.

His first personal exhibition took place in Ankara Black and White Art Gallery in 2000. His articles (Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Post-War Art in Europe) published in magazine of “SIYA” in 2001. He participated some important exhibitions; one of them was organised by Beral Madra that name was “Image of a Confession” and the other vital conceptual exhibitions were organised by Prof. Ferhat Özgür, “Journey into Life” and “Object I”.


Solo Exhibitions

2000- Gallery Siyah Beyaz /ANKARA

2004- İlayda Art Gallery / İSTANBUL

2005- İlayda Art Gallery / İSTANBUL

2006- Gallery Siyah Beyaz /ANKARA

2007- Gallery Siyah Beyaz “Art Show 07” İSTANBUL

2008- Artpark Gallery / ANTALYA

2009- Gallery Siyah Beyaz / ANKARA

2010- The Sofa Hotel Art Pltformu Art*8 Lounge/İSTANBUL

2010- Berlin Art Projects – BERLIN

2011-  Gallery Siyah Beyaz / ANKARA

2011-  Contemporary istanbul – Gallery Siyah Beyaz / İSTANBUL

2014- Gallery Siyah Beyaz  / ANKARA

2015- Studio Exhibition/ Gallery Siyah Beyaz /İSTANBUL

2015- Bashaques / Alaçatı / ÇEŞME

2019 – Casadell’arte / Bodrum

2021 – Gallery Siyah Beyaz / Ankara

Exhibitions and Applications He Attended


1995-  Marmaris Poseidon Hotel Wall Paint/MARMARİS

1996-“TEM 459” – Dam Gallery / ANKARA

1997-“Application on the bus” Gölbaşı Belediyesi / ANKARA

1997-“Hacettepe Üniv. french language and literature” / Wall Paint / ANKARA

1998-“75th Anniversary of the Republic” Bilim Art Gallery/ İST-ANK

1998-“Young Art 1” Center for Contemporary Arts /ANKARA

2000-“Solidarity with Nihat Kemankaşlı” Seven Gallery/ İSTANBUL

2001-“European Youth Festival “Contemporary Arts Center/ ANKARA

2001-“ Object I “/ Center for Contemporary Arts/ANKARA

2001-“Confusion 1” Kargart Gallery /İSTANBUL

2002-“Journey into Life” Kargart Gallery/ İSTANBUL

2002-“Confusion 2” Kargart Gallery /İSTANBUL

2003-“Confusion 3” Kargart Gallery / İSTANBUL

2003-“New Year New Start” İlayda Gallery/ İSTANBUL

2003-“Fark-ı Mahsûs” İlayda Gallery/ İSTANBUL

2004-“Picture is a Confession” İlayda Art Gallery/ – İSTANBUL

2004-“Confusion 4” Kargart Gallery / İSTANBUL

2005-“ Confusion 5” Kargart Gallery / İSTANBUL

2007-“Workshop” MOLDOVA

2008- Sumart – Gallery Siyah Beyaz / ANKARA

2008-  25th year exhibition– Gallery Siyah Beyaz / ANKARA – İSTANBUL

2010- Köln Fair / Berlin Art Projects / KOLN

2011-  ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair – MADRID


2011-  Workshop / Aspat Art  Symposium/ BODRUM

2012-  Contemporary art from Turkey in Korea / KOREA

2012-  Contemporary İstanbul / Berlin Art Projects / İSTANBUL

2015- “Kurator Denen Monster” Gallery Siyah Beyaz / ANKARA

2015-  Contemporary İstanbul / Gallery Siyah Beyaz / İSTANBUL